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Understanding the concept of Vibrational Resonance (VR) can provide you with a working guide for living life in tune with the cosmos. By learning to trust and work with the concepts discussed in this article you will gain an intimate understanding of the wave nature of physical reality, which in turn empowers you to manifest the life of your dreams. Just like with your dreams, however, you must learn to access the secret inner core in order to facilitate the grandest expansions.

Dr. Masuro Emoto and “The Hidden Messages in Water”

The vibrational characteristics of water beautifully instruct us how to manifest an abundant life. I recently had the privilege of attending a workshop given by bestselling author Dr. Masaru Emoto. With public acceptance of his book titled ‘The Hidden Messages in Water,” Dr. Emoto’s work is now generally acknowledged, but he struggled many years for recognition within his medical and scientific community.

Dr. Emoto developed a system to photograph the crystal formations made by water just as it surrenders from frozen solid into liquid form. His work provides visual comparisons of water molecules from sources such as clear mountain streams, as well as denatured city water. Predictably, the pure and natural water sources show brilliance and clarity in their crystal formations.

Amazingly, Dr. Emoto also uses the power of spoken words and intention to illustrate transformations in the microscopic structure of water droplets. The water crystal example that changed his life was one formed by exposure to the words “love and gratitude.” Emoto teaches that water has the ability to both copy and memorize information.

Hado Energy

Dr. Emoto has also developed a healing aspect of his work which he calls Hado Vibrational Medicine. His less scientific and more spiritually oriented teaching of Hado Vibrational theory uses harmony and resonance as a platform for healing the physical, mental and emotional injuries of individuals, as well as the world at large. Hado can also be described as chi, or soul energy, which moves in waves. Like water, Hado energy needs to be flowing and never stagnant. This is a reminder that we cannot hang on to old grief, or other negative patterns. Our role as human beings and conscious co-creators of peace is to be in harmony with all of existence; when a person’s consciousness is polluted by doubt or prejudice, this harmony fails.

Dr. Emoto addresses the issues of chaos in our world today, as well as our search to eliminate suffering. He further addresses the world as a reflection of the soul by concluding: “Just as a drop in a pond creates a ripple that spreads out endlessly, the deformity of even one soul spreads throughout the world, resulting in global deformities.” This visual image of a ripple in water offers an amazing model for working to change one’s reality.

Using a model of concentric circles to illustrate progressively finer aspects of energy, Hado lies in the center as an elementary particle of the Universe. So, in this example, the physical body would be the outermost circle, next the organs of our body, and in an even smaller circle inside of the others, the molecules. The next smaller and energetically finer building block would be atoms, and finally, the smallest circle in this model represents Hado, or elementary particles.

Vibrational Resonance (VR) and Manifestation

However, there is one more critical key which unlocks the door to successfully harnessing VR, the power of Vibrational Resonance. This key understands that in order to influence change on a vibrational level, one more critical place must be penetrated: the innermost space inside the circle of the elementary particle! Emoto teaches that the realm of creative consciousness lies within this core center, and that it can be penetrated and influenced by positively harmonized water. This is the reason for blessing our drinking water.

The inner core is also accessed through pleasing music, and positive intentionality. This core space is the realm of the ‘observer’, as taught by quantum physics and even ancient meditation practices. To facilitate conscious creation, we must first travel deeply inward, through the concentric rings of organized physical and even atomic energy; and then, once inside, effectively step out of the way.

The following words are from the Vedas of ancient India and over 7000 years old. Consider how Indra’s Net blends ancient teachings with quantum thought. Surely, understanding and practicing Vibrational Resonance yields the gifts of the crystal beads.

Indra’s Net

There is an endless net of treads throughout the universe.

The horizontal threads are in space, the vertical threads in time.

At every crossing of thread there is an individual, and every individual is a crystal bead. The great light of absolute being illuminates and penetrates every crystal being,

and every crystal being reflects not only the light from every other crystal in the net,

but also every reflection throughout the universe.

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