Vanuatu Attractions For a Great Holiday


There are many Vanuatu attractions that you will be able to enjoy while on holiday here in this beautiful destination and it’s just a short 2hr 15 minute flight from Australia and a 3hr 20 minute flight from New Zealand. Vanuatu is made up of 83 islands some still very remote. Just about every island offers some of Vanuatu attractions. Some of the main ones being Efate (Port Vila), Santo, Penticost and Tanna. Efate which is the main island of the archipelago offers many attractions.

There won’t be a day that goes by that you will not be able to experience something special here in Vanuatu.
While in Port Vila you can experience the adventure of a bus ride. The cost for a local bus ride is usually 150vt (approx AUD$2.00) per person or if you would like to go and explore the beauty of the Mele Cascade Waterfalls, Mele Village or The Secret Gardens then the trip will cost you around 300vt (approx AUD$4.00) You might enjoy a relaxing lunch on the beach at Hideaway Island and then head our for a snorkel or why not hire the bus for the whole day and explore the main land (Efate). Take a picnic lunch with you and enjoy the beaut of some of Vanuatu beaches. While out and about you might want to check out the war museum, paddle up the river and snorkel on a Corsair Fighter Bomber which sits in approx 3 to 4 meters of water. The list is endless.

The local food market is a must; experience the smells and tastes of the local lap lap, tuluk or the stews and rice that are being cooked to fill the hungry bellies. The cost to eat at the food market ranges from 100vt (approx AUD$1.50) to 400vt (approx AUD$5.00). While at the food market have a wander up and down the isles and check out the variety of fruit and veggies. There is a great range to choose from such as bread fruit, passion fruit, bananas, pineapples to die for, paw paw, oranges, tomatoes, cumbers and the list just goes on. There will be some fruits and veggies that you will recognize and some that you won’t. Vanuatu produces some magical bananas and very sweet and juicy pineapple’s when in season. An important thing to remember is just because the fruit is green does not necessary mean that it is not ripe the best way to check is to give your banana’s a gentle squeeze.

Venture down the other end of town and visit the cloths and souvenir market. You will discover very colorful range of the local women’s attire or as the Ni-Vanuatu people call them mother hubbed dresses. There is also a large range of shirts, skirts and some amazing carvings. Also check out the pal mus stone caved tam tams. Vanuatu attractions for the more adventuresses might be an ab-sailing excursion down the Cascade Waterfalls or hiring motorized buggies and explore secluded villages and checking out the sights or canoe up rivers, hike in to the center of the island and experience the beauty of secluded waterfalls and bat caves. You might want to charter a helicopter and explore the magic of the island from the air.

Vanuatu also offer some amazing fishing and is a must do as is snorkeling and diving, most people don’t get everything done in one holiday. Arrange a trip to Tanna and explore the beauty of Mt Yasa volcano, an over night trip is a must so that you can experience the volcano at night; it is the best fire works show you will ever see. While in Tanna explore the mysteries and secrets that the island has to offer. Other Vanuatu attractions might be for the avid scuba diver, a trip to Santo to experience the mystery of the President Coolidge. The President Coolidge went down during the 2nd world war after running in to an underwater mine. She sits in approx 18 meters of water at the bow and the stern is in about 74 meters. It’s a great place for the experienced wreck diver. Pentecost is another must to check out the land diving. This was the berth place of bungee jumping. Land diving is run during the months of April until June again just a short trip by plane of approx 45 minute.

Come and visit our amazing country.

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