This article looks at the American LLC registration process. Also, this piece will attempt to provide information about the US E-2 visa.

The US E-2 visa is an employment based visa that provides the visa holder with the opportunity to live and work in the United States of America while overseeing and administering an investment in an American trade or business concern. Those seeking an E2 visa are well advised to research the category thoroughly before making irrevocable decisions as the E2 visa’s issuance is predicated upon statutory language as well as various executive regulations and policies. Denial of an E2 visa application could prove costly in terms of time as well as resources.

Many who consider the possibility of an E2 visa find that an American Immigration attorney can prove very helpful by providing insight into the process and assistance in filling out relevant forms and compiling supporting documentation in an effort to ensure fast and efficient processing of either the petition submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) or the visa application which is likely to be submitted to a United States Embassy or United States Consulate abroad. Those individuals who are already in the US and wish to change their visa status to the E-2 category will need to submit a petition to USCIS. Usually, those living outside of the US who wish to travel to the USA on an E-2 visa ought to submit their visa application to an American Embassy or American Consulate abroad.

US company registration can be an important issue for people thinking about submitting an application for an E-2 visa. Unlike many jurisdictions throughout the world, incorporation of a limited liability company (LLC) in the USA is usually a very smooth process for those who retain the services of a legal professional trained in US corporate law. Those seeking an E2 visa should bear in mind that the need for the visa should spring from a genuine business need. To be blunt, a company registration should never be executed as a pretext in an effort to apply for otherwise unsuitable immigration benefits. The business concern that underlies the visa application should be bona fide and comport to certain rules and regulations. These rules and regulations come into play when a Consular Officer at a US Post abroad makes an adjudication based upon the merits of the E2 visa application.

The US visa process can be convoluted and cumbersome for those who do not understand U.S. Immigration law. Thus, assistance of experienced counsel is generally recommended in immigration matters especially where company registration plays a key role in the visa application process.

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