Travel to Mexico: what you need to know right now

Can You Travel to Mexico Right Now? Everything You Need to Know - Thrillist

Mexico is one of the most culturally-rich nations in the world. With a history of civilizations thousands of years old, it is a rewarding and inspiring holiday destination. That is if you can leave their idyllic beaches, fantastic resorts, vibrant cities, and majestic countryside beauty long enough to take a day trip to explore this country’s heritage and history.

On the border of America, Mexico is easy to reach, the language is familiar to many Americans and the hospitality of Mexicans is widely regarded. When you’re planning a trip to Mexico, with better research and information you can tailor-make your vacation into a once-in-a-lifetime trip with insights you will learn from travelers who’ve taken trips and left their feedback, read Good Sam TravelAssist reviews. Travel agencies can provide you with information to make better booking decisions and offer you more options than you’d likely be able to find yourself.

If you’ve found the city and region you’d like to enjoy, you can find a dream vacation rental home. To getter the best deal and find the best area, read Vacasa reviews. From luxury, 5-star homes to budget-friendly family homes, your stay in Mexico can be perfect.

You might be wondering if Americans are allowed to travel to Mexico – the answer is yes. There are, of course, precautions you need to consider before going on vacation. The advice is to avoid small towns as these are unlikely to comply with international coronavirus measures and have a lack of resources. Some states in Mexico are under strict curfew, others are closed to tourists, and yet others are completely open. It is best to make contact with locals or travel agencies familiar with the destination to check on its local conditions before booking and to traveling.

As far as the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends that travelers to Mexico reconsider their travel plans and to avoid all non-essential international travel. Being careful, cautious and considerate in your travels, you should limit and protect yourself and others you may come into contact with by maintaining at least 6 feet social distancing from anyone; wear a face covering at all time to keep your mouth and nose covered when in public spaces; use hand sanitizer as often as possible to limit your transfer of germs; avoid contact with anyone showing symptoms of sickness; avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth; of course, not to travel if you’re feeling sick.

The most popular sights in Mexico include Cancun, Mexico City and their famous beaches such as Playa Norte’s Isla Mujeres. Add the Do Ojos Cenote and Rio Secreto caves to your list, as well as the beautiful Mayan ruins at Calakmul in the tropical forests, the Cozumel’s largest eco-park called Punta Sur Beach, the Pena de Bernal monolith, and the Tamul waterfalls. For the history needs, Mexico will inspire you with the archeological sites of Yaxchilan, Muyil, Bonampak, San Gervasio, and Kohunlich. No visit would be complete with a stop at The Angel of Independence in Mexico City.