Travel Insurance – Make Sure You Get What You Need


When I book my own holiday or flights I tend to avoid taking out insurance as I always get the impression that the insurance I am being offered at the time is not going to be the best value. Am I correct in this assumption or quite mistaken? Here are a few tips to take note of when booking or even considering taking out travel insurance.

  • Do avoid taking your travel insurance out with the company you are booking your flights or holiday with, at least until you can weigh up what else is on offer to you. How to find the cheapest and best for your needs? Easy really – look on the internet for travel insurance and you will be presented with choices galore.
  • No one likes to waste money so its a good idea to check your current insurance policies – your home insurance – to see if you are covered for going on holiday. Take a moment to check and you may be fortunate.
  • When you have made up your short list of possibilities go through each one and make sure you are offered adequate medical insurance too. Make sure too that it covers medical evacuation. You do not want to cut corners here because otherwise you are taking a big risk.
  • What sort of activities are you going to be doing while on holiday? For example, scuba diving is very rarely covered with a typical holiday insurance cover so its best to take this as an add-on. Golf clubs too are often best taken as an add-on or with a specialist insurance its fine.
  • Do make a point of reading the small print to the insurance policy. General assumptions are often made only to find out when one needs compensation from their insurance its not forthcoming. If you check the small print first you are already aware of any exclusions.

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