Top-Class VLT Lounge Facilities in Edmonton, Alberta


VLT (Virtual Lottery Terminal) lounges were introduced in Alberta and other places in Canada in the early 1990s and have been growing in popularity every since. The games range from video poker to slot machine games and other video games. The difference between VLT games and the gaming machines you’ll find at arcades is with a VLT you can actually win money. Because of this, all VLT games and every VLT lounge is age-restricted and monitored by the state lottery authority.

Because they are age-restricted, most VLT lounges will include liquor sales, either in the form of a well-stocked liquor store or bar, and smoking is allowed in most lounges. Thanks to the popularity of VLTs, a lot of bars and lounges all over Canada are bringing them in. Edmonton, in particular, is great for the VLT lounge enthusiast. These lounges, in the center of the city, amidst other casino, shopping, and restaurant venues, provide a prime getaway spots for casual gamblers. Visitors can sit down, relax, and try their luck.

So how can you find a VLT lounge in Edmonton? The Sands Hotel Games Room has twenty-five VLTs. The Lady Luck VLT lounge provides a beautifully furnished, relaxing environment to play to your heart’s content. The Prospector’s Gaming Room has a variety of games and machines, including a great selection of VLTs. The Den Bar & Grill at the Comfort Inn also has a VLT lounge, as well, and so does the Video Gaming Room at the Ramada.

Good, Clean Fun in VLT Lounges

Edmonton’s tourism industry has been building over the past few years, with attractions like the Galaxyland Amusement Park and Sea Life Caverns. The area also attracts lovers of the finer things, like the arts and eclectic shopping, with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, the Art Gallery of Alberta, and the Alberta Ballet. Local Edmonton residents and visitors, alike, can enjoy all of these things and more, then sit down elbow-to-elbow to win a little extra spending machine at the VLTs.

Because VLT games are a form of gambling, some people have had concerns about their placement in bars and lounges. Gambling addiction is a serious problem with some people, and it can lead to ruined finances and dangerous and erratic behavior. Fortunately, though, the owners and managers of the lounges in the Edmonton area are very responsible. They provide a comfortable, fun, and relaxing atmosphere that is both safe and secure. The lottery commission also keeps an eye on the lounges, and VLTs have brought a lot of business and money into the community in Edmonton.

When you play a VLT, the lottery commission guarantees that all results of games are completely random. The owners and managers of the lounge you play in are there to serve you, not to swindle you. You’ll be surprised just how much and how often you can win while you sip on a drink and relax from a full day at work or out playing. Who knows? You may win big enough to take your family on next year’s big vacation, or at least to pay for a drink or two.

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