The Cook Islands – Perfect For Family Travel

The Cook Islands – Perfect For Family Travel

If you want to take your family on an adventure holiday that shies away from skyscraper hotels and discover the essence of a native society, then the Cook Islands are the perfect spot.

There are 15 islands which make up the Cook Islands. Rarotonga is the capital and main island that people visit for holidays, and there are many different types of accommodations which are family friendly such as bungalows, boutique hotels, bed-and-breakfast places and apartments.

A Family Of Divers

If your children are a little more grown up and you all have the sense of natural adventure, the Cook Islands are the perfect place for diving. Some of the top places where you can go diving in Rarotonga are Arorangi, Aroa Beach, Muri, Avatiu and Kavera.

Each diving trip is different and can be chosen based on your family’s experience level, from snorkelling to the depths of the ocean. There are many tour companies that offer these services, so finding an option that is right for you and the family will be no problem.

Family Adventures In The Cook Islands

One of the great reasons to go to the Cook Islands is to explore. There are many adventures that your family can go on around the island of Rarotonga, including guided hikes in the mountains either on foot or on bicycle, horseback riding, paintball, walking tours across the island and local dance lessons.

Many families enjoy taking at least one day for touring the entire island whether it be on foot or by boat. Boat tours tend to be a lot quicker than walking, and if you’re lucky you may even spot some whales on this escapade.

Sight Seeing in Rarotonga

The Cook Islands are one of the finest places for sightseeing on holiday. Your family will be able to learn about an entirely new culture by experiencing it firsthand. Your family can view the art of the islands and even meet the artists to talk about their work.

There are guided cultural tours which will teach your family about the customs of costume making, songs, legends, carving and dancing on the islands.

You can also take long walking tours which will show you around the natural settings that the Cook Islanders have experienced their entire lives. You may even get a unique opportunity to see the endangered Rarotongan flycatcher bird.

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