The Astonishing Revelations of Bashar – Part 2


In order to have a better understanding of where Bashar really is coming from, it is necessary to become familiar with the concept of two vital aspects of nature that extend beyond the realms of one’s conventional understanding of life: 1) The existence of dimensions higher than the fourth dimension of time, especially those dimensions of life that contain all the parallel universes of reality; and 2) The existence of higher vibrational realities of the afterlife or astral planes which includes all the “spheres” or worlds of dark matter and beyond.

The first aspect implies there are various time lines (or different “histories”) beyond this one; in other words, there could be an infinite number of parallel universes or unique histories or events simultaneously parallel to our own history or series of events. I have written at length regarding these parallel and other even higher dimensions (of living) here and how one’s mental outlook can dramatically effect what sort of experiences or probable future or parallel universe one can be drawn toward. Bashar’s mechanism of “soul physics” is best understood by the way the thoughts we entertain in our minds and hearts reflect what kind of probable future or parallel reality we eventually find ourselves in, because thought is by its very nature, a five-dimensional product or aspect of nature. What sort of space contains all the parallel universes? A five-dimensional space! Bashar in this manner has not only confirmed all that I have previously written throughout my website in past years on this subject, but greatly enhances it almost as if Bashar himself had been “channeling” through me long before I ever even heard of him! In a similar way, all the recordings of the souls who spoke through the energy and ectoplasmic voice box of the now late British medium Leslie Flint seem to also strongly confirm all that I have written about on this website long before ever knowing anything about Leslie Flint.

The other aspect of nature implies that matter exists on many levels and varieties of vibration, some grosser and others subtler. I have written at length regarding all these multiple higher realities, spheres, or worlds here. Just the idea that matter can exist on higher or different rates or patterns of vibration can help explain all sorts of phenomena ranging from dark matter, dark energy, UFO’s, near-death experiences, reincarnation, and ghosts. I am implying here that the entire universe has multiple layers of experience-gradation-consciousness-vibration to it with the physical most likely at or near the lower part of this great spectrum of reality and of course all the heavenly universes, realms, worlds, spheres, planets, etc., at or near the top. It appears that access to the higher vibrations of consciousness also brings access to the higher dimensions of reality and these two very distinctly different aspects of nature unfortunately and quite often get confused with one another when laymen and even mystics, yogis, psychics, etc., try to describe them. The deeper the state of unconditional love, the higher the rate of vibration of consciousness, the greater the access to actual higher geometric dimensions so that one can travel back and forth through time and see amazing places and events never before seen by the physical eyes.

Bashar says we are coming out of immense darkness into the light. Birth of a child is same idea as birth of a whole god(dess), universe, etc. Bashar’s civilization is moving from physicality to non-physicality. A soul need no longer go through the birthing process to “pop in” on Essassani which has a core population of 250 million beings, however, many are born there anyway to achieve a permanent incarnation. The being that claims to be Bashar comes from a world (a high oxygen planet called Essassani or place of living light) similar to our own only that his star (Shar) is 500 light years away from our sun and cannot be seen by physical human eyes because its vibration rate is higher or different in a subtler way than the physical world that is called “Earth.” Dark matter comprises 90% of the matter in the universe and cannot be seen by astronomers, only detected indirectly by the way Galaxies spin (like pinwheels instead of whirlpools) indicating there must be vast amounts of hidden matter or worlds beyond worlds not detected by any kind of physical telescope. Essassani must be one of those countless dark matter worlds within our galaxy not detected by conventional means.

When asked about his solar system, Bashar breathtakingly describes seven worlds orbiting his sun, Shar: 1) Seo, 2) Chenki, 3) Essassani, 4) Pesh, a large gap called Fomar, and 5) Chachu Panni or the “Two Dancers.” When asked about his language, he gave examples such as “ha ah too” which means “I love you” and “illi akar demar shima shama” or “reflection of the creation in each other” and “Shivi!” which means, “I am completely in my compassion stand aside!” Counting to 10 in Essassani sounds like this: “cha, choo, shimmy, peth, pan, cashinni, ktets, rolf, shimooch, see.” It is the amazing details such as these and the confirmation of how Atlantis came to an end from two other complete separate sources (see the last four paragraphs of this article) that persuaded me enough to seriously consider the validity of the existence of such beings as Bashar, which stands for “bringer of good news” by the way. His language which comes from the hybridization of various Earth languages, is no longer generally relied upon by the Sassani (the people who live on Essassani) to communicate. It has been or or is being replaced by their ability to communicate directly by thoughts, feelings and pictures.

Another aspect of Bashar that is most bizarre is the claim that Bashar comes to our world from a time line three centuries into the future and claims to be the future “self” of Darryl Anka. If one ever read any of Robert Monroe’s books on astral projection such as Journeys out of the Body and Ultimate Journey there are many descriptions of Monroe’s meetings with his future self or oversoul on his long search for his “missing Basic” which is union with his whole self or oversoul free from all the limitations of physical desires and living. His future self came back to help him find wholeness. However, since there are so many parallel dimensions, it has to be much more likely one of his many “parallel” or “probable” future selves that came back to visit him otherwise the Grandfather Paradox would, immediately prevent this event from occurring, because as soon as a time traveler goes back into or interferes in any way with his own past, he instantly creates a new series of events requiring a new or different time line outside the one he came from.

If Bashar really is coming from the future, he would have to be creating a new time line for himself in our world where he is now channeling through Darryl Anka and guiding others through this channel in our dimension. And we ourselves may have helped to create this event by being supportive and open to such a high level of awareness as the “Bashar” personality. So why is Bashar coming from the future and not from the present? It all seems incredible, especially when claiming among so many other things to have also come from the future. Bashar states that he has traveled back to our time in order to help create the first out-in-the-open public contact and convergence between our civilization and his occur as soon as is comfortably possible. If this is true, we could not be living in a more exciting time.

It seems in order for Bashar and his companions to travel through light-years of space at speeds many times faster than light he would also have to travel inter-dimensionally as well: one would have to travel outside of or beyond space and time into a timeless realm in higher dimensions of “quantum space” and therefore would then be able to travel back to any when or to any time in history within a blink of an eye. If astral travelers and master yogis can do the same thing, then why not also an astral or semi-physical spacecraft such as the triangular spacecraft that Bashar is said to dwell inside and travel in? Their “quasi-physical” black triangular space craft have often been seen in many places throughout the Earth today. These UFO’s often appear to have advanced cloaking technology, materializing literally out of nowhere. When they do show up, they sometimes appear semi-transparent, indicating a possible “vibrational” difference same way and reason a ghost would appear translucent.

If all this information seems a little far-fetched, don’t doubt too much. If one looks carefully at the Travis Walton abduction case, it seemed to all intents and purposes that Travis actually had been taken into some sort of environment resembling what one would expect to see several centuries into the future! One may say that was an extraterrestrial encounter simply with beings from another solar system. Well, yes, Travis Walton encountered three aliens (which did not seem to be human hybrids but rather the grays themselves: there are many varieties), but he also encountered three futuristic humans (two males and one female all with very long hair) in closely fitted shiny blue jumper suits who looked extremely healthy and in perfect shape, along with space craft, vehicles and advanced navigational technology of amazing efficiency and perfection. It looked exactly as if the humans were in a cohort with the aliens rather like John Sheridan and Dylan on Babylon 5! Interestingly, Bashar’s vision of a future 300 years from now of humans working closely with aliens as part of some kind of universal “Federation of Worlds” closely parallels Travis Walton’s experience. I wish to thank Travis Walton for the vital information he has added to the subject of ufology.

And how does Bashar explain most of the abductions (he called them “temporary detainments”) that have occurred for much of the last century and this one, and reported by hundreds of helpless and terrified witnesses? Are human’s reproductive systems really being used by alien grays to create a hybrid race? Bashar not only confirms they are real, even more shocking to some of us, he is one of their creations! He claims he and everyone in his civilization are the hybrid offspring of humans and the grays and explains that through countless generations and eons of time the “alien” gray species lost their ability to reproduce. Their world is located in a universe parallel to our own, and in their quest for a means to recreate a viable race who will continue reproducing their genes (which are actually not too dissimilar from human genes) they “tunneled” through neighboring or parallel “Earths” like our own planet until they reached ours which finally had individuals with the exact type of genes, evolutionary developments, etc. they needed from which to create a new race.

When asked as to what Bashar looks like, he states that most of their race (men and women) are nearly five feet tall, have white skin, look Tibetan or Oriental with large brown eyes, eyebrows and eye lids. They have sort of a “collective” or “hive” mentality, in other words they enjoy a beautiful oneness or harmony with others on such a level that all on their world are family, none are strangers or outcasts. When asked what he wears, his description is identical to the clothing described in the Travis Walton encounter (see above).

When Bashar is asked what he eats, he said he had learned to live on a universal form of energy or prana even though many still do eat food in his world but it is more of a choice than a requirement. Again this ability to eat yet not starving when one doesn’t is typical of etheric beings like Bashar (etherians) living in semi-physical semi-astral worlds. It sounds like Bashar has very few things to worry about if food is no longer essential! Many of the souls (communicators) who spoke at the Leslie Flint seances seemed to be able to eat if they felt hungry and soon learned that it was not necessary to eat. Only those souls living on the lowest planes of existence still seemed quite fond of cultivating, preparing food and eating it long after they had passed over and felt hungry if they did not. The etherial worlds are just as real, solid and natural, if not more so, than the physical.

There is also documented, startling evidence of how a meteor impact ended the existence of Atlantis. Toward the end of a YouTube recording, Bashar: Accelerating ET Contact Workshop 24 (to my chagrin this tape was unfortunately removed because of copyright claims) given by Bashar, he explains how Atlantis was plagued by warring factions and finally destroyed nearly 13,000 years ago by an asteroid. A completely different source (“Lucillius” — one of Dr. Marshall’s past lives) came through the direct voice medium Leslie Flint in an August 27, 1962, seance also explains how Atlantis was plagued by warring factions and finally destroyed by an asteroid nearly 13,000 years ago. A scientific article by Steven M. Stanley, (University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI, July 26, 2007) now confirms the impact. Steven M. Stanley communicated a very interesting scientific article Evidence for an Extraterrestrial Impact 12,900 Years Ago on a major catastrophic cosmic event that took place 12,900 years ago: I would have to say it was an extremely significant and globally catastrophic event causing the extinction of a vast number of animal species including many mammals and a vast segment of the human population. What was considered the history of that ancient age was lost and forgotten. History had to “start” all over again. This catastrophic natural disaster may have been the cause of the flooding and sinking of the continent of Atlantis (Lemuria) and the reason recorded history seems to only go back as far as 10,000 BC.

To illustrate this point I would like to mention that a “past life” of the spirit of Dr. Marshall (Lucillus) came through during an August 27, 1962 seance held by the great British spiritualist medium Leslie Flint (1911-1994) to provide a remarkable description of the ancient civilization of Atlantis (Lemuria), the laws of karmic justice, and Lemuria’s destruction by (among other things as well) a ball of fire in the sky over 12,000 years ago. Lucillius (Dr. Marshall) gave a fascinating and long discussion of ancient Atlantis at the Leslie Flint Educational Trust website. In 1962, I am quite sure that no scientist knew anything about any such meteor impact around that time in prehistory. Lucullus also stated that the few Lemurians (Atlantians) who survived later became the Incas. Toward the end of one of Bashar’s video’s, Bashar not only confirms the age, location and nature of this impact, he also states that before Atlantis was destroyed by this impact it was plagued by warring factions just as Lucillus had stated in the seance many years ago.

We now have on this page three completely separate sources of information each giving the same period in time and location of the destruction of Atlantis. In other words Bashar and Leslie Flint confirm each other while the July 26, 2007 science article also states the same time and place of the meteor impact supporting what both Bashar and Lucillus (Dr. Marshall) said had happened at that time. This fact not only lends great credibility to both Lucillus and Bashar but also to the existence of that great and ancient civilization called Atlantis.

Mainstream science and most academic institutions are still not yet ready to accept the existence of Atlantis, the reality of channeling, or even the presence of extraterrestrial entities within our atmosphere. These subjects remain too far on the edge of science to be taken seriously, however someday, everyone will have to, one way or another, come face-to-face with this phenomena. The evidence that I have uncovered and/or presented here is overwhelming.

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