Kenya’s Water resources

All Kenya’s major river drain from the central highlands, divided by the rift into those flowing westwards into Lake Victoria and those flowing eastwards towards the Indian Ocean. For consumption purpose, the ministry of Water is doing all it can to make sure that most areas are connected with piped water. All major towns have piped water and the water is clean though not recommended for direct consumption.

For investment; it depends on the area you are in. Same areas have water shortages while others have more water. We have very many water companies producing bottled water that is very safe for drinking and is available at all shopping centers and even to the very small kiosk.


The voltage is 220 as in Europe; however, the plugs are different than those in North America, parts of Europe and the rest of the world. The most commonly used adapter plug has 3 square prongs. Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited, KenGen is the leading electric power generation company in Kenya, producing about 80 percent of electricity consumed in the country. The company utilizes various sources to generate electricity ranging from hydro, geothermal, thermal and wind. Hydro is the leading source, with an installed capacity of 677.3MW, which is 72.3 per cent. It has 3 hydro power stations, 2 geothermal stations, a wind power station and a thermal power station.

All though power is in Kenya is more reliant on the weather pattern, I may say that most of the year we have abundant power generation. In time of shortage we have a supply from Uganda and Tanzania to increase our consumption.

Power have been distributed all over Kenya with most places getting connection since 2002 when we had a new government committed to power access for all through rural electrification project.


As much of the journey involves exciting, and sometimes long days on the trail, most roads are under rehabilitation after more than 2 decades of neglect by the former government. We have witnessed tremendous growth in this sector with road construction and rehabilitation going on everywhere. In case of internal air travel we have also seen increase in investment on this are by private entrepreneur. We have for the last 2 years seen more than 5 private companies put their base in Kenya airfields. We have the national carrier and other prominent carriers servicing national and regional levels. We have 4 international airports and many small airports and airfields spread all over Kenya to serve its tourism and business sector.

Telecommunication Services

In Kenya there are two types of telecommunications operators 1. One national fixed telecom operator – Telkom Kenya Ltd

2. Two national cellular network operators – Safaricom Limited& Celtel Communication Limited are in operation. Telkom also launched it mobile services. There is also another operator who is yet to roll out his services.

The internet is every where in all major towns though still costly. We have the cyber optic cable being raid down and this will hopefully lower the cost of the internet. Most towns have cyber café where one can access internet at a minimal fee, an average of Kshs 2 per minute.

Health Network – Medical Facilities

Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru have excellent medical facilities. Most other towns have a experienced doctors in Provincial, district and divisional levels. We have also many private hospitals offering more varied and better services that the government hospitals. We have flying doctors service and ambulance service networks are well connected.


Kenya has every kind type and variety of housing option. We have rental house and other housing units that are for sale. Most of these are in urban area and some cost a fortune. Nevertheless one can buy a piece of land and build him/herself a very decent house due to availability of materials and cheap labor. There are also lodges where one can be accommodated for a shorter period. Hotels and inn are also in plenty.

For a housing investment I would offer two different scenarios.

a) Town scenario

This will be best if you will have a business that will require you to have access to general business infrastructure. This will include banks, internet among others

b) Country side

This is the ideal place for pensioners and retirees who wish to have a quite life away from the hassle of city life. It may be a house in a ranch, a farm house of a countryside home where you can have or engage in passive activities like having a ranch farm of a wildlife conservation entity.

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