How Environment Plays a Role in Our Lives

How Environment Plays a Role in Our Lives

Environment is the natural world which is made by the living beings (people, animals and the plants) and land. Therefore it is the surroundings that affect the behavior and development of a living being or a thing. The surroundings may be living factors like plants, animals and decomposers and non-living things like air, water, light, soil etc.

Human beings are the product of the environment. They are an important factor of the environment. It is the environment that helps us for our survival, growth, development, reproduction and health. No creature’s existence is possible without the balance of the natural elements. Thus, there must be a healthy environment for our sound living. The healthier the environment the happier the living beings including humans.

However, knowing that the environment should be clean, healthy and non-polluted, people are responsible for the degradation of the environment. To fulfill the basic needs they are exploiting the nature and natural resources. Population growth has given much more pressure on the environment. On the other hand, loss of environmental quality is the root cause of natural calamities like flood, landslide and soil erosion. As a result, it has also affected on the health of people and their way of life. Likewise imbalanced environment is constantly interrupting the ecosystem or food chain.

In conclusion, man is nothing but only the product of the environment. So it should be kept in its natural state. We ought to use natural resources in such a way that it doesn’t disturb the natural balance.

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