How Does The Flight Cancelation Compensation Claim Process Work?


Have you ever travelled by plane? There are so many ways to get ahead of things and you have to make sure that everything is “just perfect” in order to stay ahead of your trip. That being said, have you ever gotten into a situation where your flight has gotten delayed or, at worst, cancelled?

Many people don’t realize that they can get compensation for canceled flights, no matter where they are in the world or where they’re going and no matter the price of the ticket. It looks different everywhere, but it is available and worth the time to pursue.

So, how does the process work? How long will it take and is it worth your time and effort? Here’s a quick look at the process and how you can do things.

Can You Be Eligible for Flight Cancelation Compensation?

There are a number of reasons that flights get cancelled – the weather, mechanical issues, strike, and other safety problems are some of the most common reasons for cancellations. But, why are passengers eligible for compensation?

The fact is, every country has different laws related to flight cancellations compensation and how the airlines are supposed to take care of things. But, in general, there are a few things that are involved.

First, how long the delay was, or how long it took to learn about the cancellation. If it’s within a certain time period, then you’re likely eligible. But, if it was immediately rescheduled, or you weren’t at the airport yet, you may not (or it may be less).

You may also be eligible for flight cancellations compensation because of what you missed or were late to on the other end of that flight. For example, if you were interviewing for a job or had a medical procedure, you may be eligible for further compensation because of the inconvenience or loss of revenue.

Isn’t the Airline Supposed to Provide Compensation?

The first avenue for compensation for a cancelled flight is from the airline itself. The minute that the flight gets cancelled, you want to get the ball rolling for the compensation. Call a rep from the airline or stop by their kiosk at the airport, if you’re already there.

At this point, they should be working with you to provide compensation related to your particular situation. For example, if you are going to be stuck in your location overnight, you should be provided a complementary stay at a hotel or other accommodation for the evening. Meal passes should also be included.

Financial compensation is typically a part of cancellation nowadays, but not all airlines will adhere to that right away. In those situations, you may need to get some help from a third party in order to ensure that you can get the compensation that you are owed as quickly as you possibly can.

Working with Companies that Provide Compensation for Flight Issues

Alright, so your flight has been cancelled and you’re trying to figure out what you can do and what you’re eligible for in the long run. You know the laws and how the airline should be doing things – but they aren’t adhering to that.

So, of course, you’re looking to get it sorted out. That’s where flight compensation companies can assist. These professionals know a lot about the “big picture” when it comes to communicating with these companies and ensuring that everything is sorted out for passengers like you, plus they work with lawyers.

Most times, they will just communicate with the airline on your behalf and make sure that you get whatever else that you may be owed. Some of these companies, like AirAdvisor, work based on a success fee, so the company is taking all of the risks and they take their fee from the payment they collect for you (aka only if your claim is successful). It’s risk free for you, so they will do everything possible to ensure that you succeed.

How Long It Can Take?

The length of the flight cancelation compensation process can differ based on how long it takes for you to get things going. In some instances, you can get the money and compensation that you’re owed in just a few days or weeks after everything happens. You’ll either get a check or it will be on your card.

But, if there seems to be an issue related to weather or another force majuere, it can take longer. It may have to go to court, or other things may need to be sorted out in order for you to get the compensation that you are owed. Because of that, you may need to seek professional help and be patient about the process.

As you look at what you’re doing and how you can get ahead of the game, you want to be certain that you explore your options and see what makes the most sense for your circumstances. Explore how you can do things and be sure that you really look at the big picture of your situation. In the long run, you can get the help you need and see what is best for your situation.

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