How Does Eyelash Growth Serum Works – Learn Here

Fuller eyelashes are like an added point when it comes to making a beauty statement. To achieve fuller eyelashes, people opt for many treatments such as LVL Lashes procedure, installation of the eyelash extensions, using some eyelash formulas such as eyelash serums, and so on. 

Eyelashes that flutter just like the butterfly wings, every time you blink your eyes, is something that the opposite sex falls for today. To achieve such luscious eyelashes, you can take help from many sources including the usage of eyelash serums. 

There are many beauty product manufacturers in today’s world. One of the most opted names is The Willow Traders. They are quite famous for their best eyelash serum UK products. Their products are 100% natural and can offer excellent results within the promised time duration. You can visit their website to know more about their products. 

Eyelash Growth Steps 

The growth of eyelashes happens in three different stages. 

  1. Anagen Phase 

During this phase, the upper and lower eyelashes start to grow and continue growing up to 30 to 45 days. You will find one or two eyelashes growing from one particular root. Once the eyelashes reach a certain length, they will stop growing. The growth of the eyelashes happens one at a time, be it the upper eyelash or a lower eyelash. 

  1. Catagen Phase 

Once the eyelashes complete their anagen phase, they will start to shrink in their size. Some eyelashes might start to shed and this is normal. However, the fallen eyelashes will not be replaced with the new ones, before the eyelashes that are formed within that particular root. Normally, this second phase of the eyelashes will last for 14 to 21 days.  

  1. Telogen Phase 

This is also known as the resting phase of the eyelashes. This phase is known to last for more than 3 months. After the eyelashes complete this stage, they will start to shed one after another. 

Eyelashes will not grow together. The eyelash that falls onto your cheek is the ones that have completed their life cycle. The lashes will not grow together, and hence they won’t fall together. The normal time duration required for formation of the root of a new eyelash will be between 28 to 56 days. 

Eyelash Serums 

Eyelash serums are the liquids that are prepared in such a way that they will make your eyelash grow beautifully and will be luscious in their dimension. These serums can make your eyelash grow an extra few centimetres than the normal length of your eyelash. 

Every serum solution that is available in the market today comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. They will surely make your eyelashes fuller and soft and lengthy in appearance. However, some serums can make your eye colour turn to brown, if you accidentally spill them onto your eyes, during the application. 

If the serum sprays onto your cheek area, then there are higher chances of the growth of hair in such areas. You do not want to end up with a hairy cheek right? If yes, then make the right decision, while buying an eyelash serum. 

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