Get Your Family Insured For a Dream Holiday With These 5 Tips


There’s nothing like a holiday to a dream destination to set the stage for the most unforgettable moments of your family’s life. Making sure you have your family insured for the trip will make certain it’s unforgettable for all the right reasons!

Here are five steps to ensure you have peace of mind and a fun trip.

Get it done as soon as you book your trip flight and accommodation

Should something happen that will require you to change plans before leaving, getting your family insured for travel helps make sure you’ll get your money back. Many travel insurance policies include refunds for cancellations and changes for bookings made, so it makes sense to purchase a policy as soon as you’ve paid for your tickets and other arrangements. Depending on the type of policy you choose, you may be able to get most, if not all your money back if you need to cancel flights and accommodation bookings due to illness, accidents and other emergencies.

Review what you already have

You may already have some form of cover for aspects of the trip without being aware of it, so do check before getting your family insured. While some personal insurance policies will cover illness and accidents even overseas, they may preclude coverage for medical care during a trip or may be limited in the choice of medical providers allowed.

Credit cards can also offer some form of cover. For instance, if you pay for your trip via credit card, many providers (or airlines partnering with these credit cards) offer free health and accident insurance for the duration of your travel.

Consider who needs cover

Often, a blanket family travel insurance policy may be enough to ensure that you have your family insured for the trip, as it will offer coverage to your spouse and any children under sixteen. Children over sixteen, however, may or may not be included in your policy. You may need to either negotiate for their inclusion or make sure you get additional cover for them. Members of the group 65 years or older will need additional separate coverage as well. If a member of your family intends to participate in extreme sports – such as skiing, hang gliding and other so-called risky activities – regular travel insurance policies may not cover these activities.

Consider what needs insuring

Are you traveling with special equipment, sports or otherwise? You may want to purchase special coverage for their damage or loss. Separate policies are available for sports equipment but many providers often have special that allow you to insure any special equipment like skis, bicycles or cameras for a lower price than a separate policy.

Comparison shop

Different providers have different requirements, procedures, guidelines and specifications, so you would do well to check out all the fine print before you purchase – it’s not a matter of one-policy fits all.

Getting your family insured gives you peace of mind from the moment you make your travel arrangements.

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