Experience the Beauty of the Bahamas With a Luxury Yacht Charter


Those who come to the Bahamas instinctively know they’ve stepped onto a piece of paradise, one that will stay with them long after they’ve left it. The Bahamas is the ‘land of 700 islands’, each strikingly beautiful in its untouched wilderness, aquamarine waters, shimmering beaches, and blessed with glorious sunshine and cooling tradewinds all year round. Each of these islands and cays is also strikingly unique in their marine and wildlife and their culture. While Nassau is a vibrant city where tourists can live it up, the Bimini islands are some of the most enchantingly desolate places you will visit. On some of the inhabited islands you can go snorkelling and deep sea diving, while on still others you can explore hidden cays and pools along beaches no one else would have ever walked. And there cannot be a better way to experience the surprises Bahamas has to offer, than with your private Bahamas yacht charter.

With a luxury Bahamas yacht charter you can leisurely experience as much of the Bahamas as you want and for as long as you want it. A luxury yacht charter will offer you all the convenience and comfort of a hotel, while letting you take in all of the Bahamas. You could wake up to vistas of the most mesmerizing blue waters ever seen, lounge on sun decks or sun-kissed beaches all day long and dine underneath twinkling Caribbean skies – all in the safety and luxury of your very own floating suite, replete with a private, professional staff to wait on you.

A yacht charter of the Bahamas is the best way to experience the unique biodiversity of these islands, specifically that of The Exumas – the jewel of the Bahamas. Sail into Staniel Cay, where other boaters and yachters come to mingle and relax; take your time exploring the majestic 176 square miles of the Exumas Land and Sea Park; and snorkel and feed the friendly fish in the ‘ThunderBall cave of the James Bond movie fame. And of course, when all this is done, you can sail to the main island of Great Exumas to dine at any of island’s authentic restaurants, or relax at the many beach bars, or spend a luxurious night at the many five star resorts that blend seamlessly with the natural beauty of the Exumas.

Yet, with a private charter yacht, there is no reason to stop at popular islands like the Exumas or the Grand Bahama. Let the explorer in you take over as you make your way to the lesser explored jewels like Rum Cay/San Salvador, Great Inagua, Mayaguana or the Berry Islands. Rum Cay and San Salvador are hidden beauties of the Bahamas, untouched by tourists (expect the few lucky ones with a yacht). Experience what it feels like to be the only ones in the world as you explore the many shipwrecks, monuments and serene beaches that dot these islands.

A Bahamas yacht charter is also the most effective way to realize the exciting prospect of sailing in the Bahamas. The natural trade winds make the Bahamas a haven of sailing enthusiasts, and regattas and races are held throughout the year. The harbours at Nassau and Grand Bahama are some of the best in the world, and the cities themselves are well connected to the US and the UK by air.

A place as refreshing as the Bahamas needs to be enjoyed in the right spirit – that of a carefree wanderer who has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving. And the way to do this without compromising on comfort is with a luxury Bahamas charter.

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