One of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is located off the coast of Turkey and the west coast of Syria. Settled by ancient Phoenicians and Greeks, the island has has survived a dynamic and sometimes turbulent history as a strategic location for range of conquests and invasions. Today the island is partitioned, with the larger part a Republic. In recent decades, Cyprus has enjoyed a flourishing tourism industry, with visitors coming from around the world seeking its fine weather, exotic cuisine and beautiful landscape. Cyprus villas are also well known for their luxury and comfort, combining the traditional, whitewashed walls so ubiquitous of the Mediterranean with modern convenience.

One of best coasts in Cyprus for beaches is Agia Napa. With plenty of sandy beaches that are ideal for a range of activities from windsurfing to kayaking, Agia Napa includes the three bays that form Makronisos beach and Kyro Nero beach, all with a range of sea sports on offer. What is noticeable about the Cypriot coastline is the sheer diversity of geology and scenery. As well as miles of sandy beaches, there are cliffs and caves, many of which are best viewed from the water or perhaps from beneath the water if you have the chance. Around the mythical and ancient city of Paphos there are a number of diving schools and beautiful locations for snorkelling and swimming. So even if you’ve haven’t tried diving before, you can still find plenty of places to learn and then take advantage of everything that ‘underwater Cyprus’ has to offer.

A place to visit at any time of year, thanks to its comparatively mild climate compared to Northern Europe, Cyprus has over 50 beaches that have been awarded the coveted blue flag for their quality. Away from the beach, there are also some fantastic water parks, which means that water based activities aren’t just restricted to the beach and the sea. With Cypriot cuisine featuring a wide range of seafood, visitors looking to try out sea fishing will find a choice of short and long trips to choose from. There are also plenty of leisure boat trips and yachting charters to enjoy as well.

The real Cyprus – avoid the crowds.

Depending on your taste, water sports holidays in Cyprus can be based from the dynamic east coast, where the resorts are popular with families for their shallow crystal waters and soft white sandy beaches. The beaches of the western coast of the island are more secluded, with the space to do the sports you love but also with plenty of space to relax and unwind. To be critical of Cyprus, some visitors may find certain areas of the island to be over developed. But if you allow yourself to be drawn away from those busier areas and cities there are some exciting and visually stunning areas where you can explore for yourself the true delights of Cypriot life.

The Akamas peninsula has the almost perfect mix of fun outdoor things to do and important nature reserves and sites of ecological interest. Situated in the northwest of Cyprus, Akamas is essentially a cape or headland covering around 230 square kilometres of forest, mountains, and unspoilt coastlines. While there are a number of specialist sports such as golf and kayaking, the area features a diverse and often unique range of flora and fauna too. The wildlife is colourfully abundant, with native species such as water birds and owls able to thrive in this protected area.

From the citrus groves of Morfou to the golden sands of the Karpas peninsula, the undeveloped and idyllic Cyprus coast is a walker’s paradise, with plenty of inviting stops giving you the opportunity to get into the sea and enjoy a peaceful dip. Inland from the coast, the Cyprus countryside has plenty on offer, from walks in the mountains to horse riding and rafting. A cultured, stylish and romantic destination, Cyprus holidays have something for everyone.

Get to know the real Cyprus. With frequent flights from the UK, travelling to Cyprus is simple, and with some superb places to stay such as the range of convenient and comfortable villas in Cyprus, this is an ideal destination for experiencing the great outdoors.

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