Accommodation Australia Amalgamation Day in sight


The planned amalgamation of the Accommodation Association and Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA) to form a new industry body known as Accommodation Australia is expected to take place on July 1, 2023.

Following a meeting of Accommodation Australia’s inaugural Board of Directors on Thursday, proposed President and Accommodation Association Chair, Leanne Harwood, said they are hopeful that the merger will come to fruition on that date.

“The Fair Work Commission is currently reviewing documentation and we remain quietly hopeful of a July 1, 2023, amalgamation day,” she said.

“Next year is going to be a landmark year as we unlock the power of a unified national voice in Accommodation Australia at such a critical recovery stage for our members.”

As previously reported by HM, Sean Hunt will take up the position of Vice President following the amalgamation, and Bruce Copland will be Treasurer.

Harwood said tackling the industry’s workforce and skills shortages is top of the agenda for Accommodation Australia.

“Every day is another day closer to completion of the amalgamation process and we all welcomed the opportunity to get together and progress our thinking on meeting the big-ticket items that continue to challenge our sector,” she said.

“Workforce and skills shortages are, of course, at the top of that list.”

The Board assembly took place after a busy day of meetings for members of the Accommodation Association National Council and the TAA National Board.

“It was a great high note to finish with a joint meeting of what will be the new Accommodation Australia Board once the amalgamation concludes,” said Tourism Accommodation Australia CEO and Interim CEO Accommodation Association, Michael Johnson.

“Leanne Harwood and Sean Hunt ran a tight meeting dedicating time to the primary issues while also achieving 100% support for a dedicated planning and strategy meeting to kick off 2023.”

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