A Guide To Choosing The Best Archery Arrows


Together with the bow, the arrow is the single most vital component of archery equipment. With no good archery arrows, a shooter’s aim will be off irrespective of how accurate he or she shoots. Not many beginner archers know what makes an excellent archery arrow. There are several factors that determine the quality of an arrow. Below is a guide to choosing the best archery arrows.

The stiffness of an arrow’s shaft will affect the extent to which it wobbles after being releases from the bow. An arrow that bends too much is not desirable as it will not be accurate enough. In addition, the material that the arrow is made up of is likely to affect its performance. Nowadays, arrows are usually made if aluminum, carbon or wood. Selecting arrows of the right material that suits the shooter’s needs is of great importance.

While wooden arrows are among the cheapest options, they require regular maintenance in order to keep them in an excellent shooting condition. Their shafts must be straightened often due to inappropriate care, glancing shots in case a target is missed, or if it is shot to the ground. Wooden arrows fly more quietly when compared to hollow aluminum and carbon ones as they are made using a solid material.

Carbon arrows are an excellent option as they are more durable and straighter than wood. In addition, they can easily be customized with the use of different inserts, nocks, weight systems and adapters. The shooters will not be concerned with having to straighten shafts as that is required is occasional checks for cracks. It is much easier to tune a carbon arrow to a bow. This is because adjusting point weight using different inserts and points is much easier, as well as different nocks for balancing out point weight.

A heavier arrow will have a more forceful impact on the target. However, it is will travel at a much slower speed when compared to a lighter arrow. An individual should ensure that he or she takes this into consideration when selecting an archery bow. The arrow’s head should also be carefully considered, especially if the arrows will be used for hunting. The archer should ensure that he or she goes for a head that is best suited for the particular target being hunted.

An arrow’s nock is the slit found at the end that holds it in place as it is being shot. The nock of an archery arrow should not be too tight on the string as it may fail to release properly when the archer shoots. The fins attached to arrows are known as the fletching. Some of them are made of real feathers while others are of synthetic or plastic feathers. Archers are always debating on what kind of feathers are the best. It is advisable to try both types and find out the one that suits someone’s needs best.

Choosing the right archery arrows can improve the archer’s shot significantly. It is therefore advisable for an archer to try various different types of arrows in order to find out the best for him or her. One should not be afraid of spending more as high quality archery equipment are always worth their price.

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