35 Most Funny Spanish Names

We should always have fun and today is not going to be an exception because this selection of the 30 most funny Spanish names of all time will make you laugh out loud.

In this post, you are going to find not only some old weird names that nowadays are difficult to hear but also contemporary ones that sound funny or peculiar.

Are you ready? Let’s start!

Most Funny Spanish Names

1. Idelfonso

Idelfonso is the first of our funny Spanish names and we have to point out that it is not very common nowadays.

However, it is very popular because in Spain every Christmas the Saint Idelfonso children are in charge of the lottery draw.

In the past, Saint Idelfonso was an orphan boarding school but today children at risk of exclusion study there while learning how to act during the lottery draw celebration.

2. Rafa Nadal

Although we all know that Rafa Nadal is one of the best tennis players in history, I wanted to share a hilarious story about funny Spanish dog names.

A few months ago, I was going for a walk with my dogs, when one of my neighbors called his rottweiler.

Although I was not entirely sure, I thought I heard him saying Rafa; that’s why when we were closer I asked him what the name of the dog was.

The owner answered that it was Rafa Nadal because the dog was a ball buster.

3. Sacramento

Our list of 30 most funny Spanish names will definitely contain some that were popular years ago but currently, may sound a little bit old-fashioned.

Some old funny Hispanic names are related to religion.

This is precisely what happens with Sacramento, which means ‘sacrament’.

4. Segismundo

An uncommon and funny Spanish name is Segismundo.

It is difficult to determine why it makes everyone laugh, maybe it is because it sounds a little bit weird and old-fashioned.

5. Fulge

Funny Spanish nicknames are usually abbreviations of longer names.

It is precisely what happens with  Fulge, which comes from Fulgencio.

This is one of the long Hispanic names that is even funnier in feminine, Fulgencia.

6. Concepción

Concepción is a traditional Spanish female name, whose translation is ‘conception’.

As you probably know, the moment of conception is when a new life starts.

The beauty of this name lies in the fact that it preserves the essence of this moment forever.

If you make Concepción shorter, you get one of the best cute Spanish nicknames, which is Conce.

7. Zuzunaga

According to some research, the most uncommon Spanish last name is Zuzunaga.

Indeed, I must admit that I have never heard it before!

8. Bonifacio

Our list of 30 funny names in Spanish will definitely include the name Bonifacio.

This rare Spanish name may sound familiar to you because it is also the name of a beautiful region of the southern area of Corcega.

9. Domingo

Cool Spanish quotes about the weekend may contain the word Domingo because it means Sunday in Spanish.

However, it is also a male name that your friends will use to make silly and funny Spanish jokes such as ¿Vienes el domingo, Domingo?, which consists of making it redundant to ask Domingo if he comes on Sunday.

10. Benemérito

The meaning of Benemérito is ‘someone or something that deserves reward or appreciation for their services’

Moreover, it is also an archaic way to refer to the Civil Guard in Spain, that’s why it is sometimes used in funny Spanish phrases to refer to the police

11. Deseado

Deseado can be translated as ‘desired’.

In the past, it was usually chosen when a couple has had difficulties getting pregnant.

As you may notice, the name of the boy also described how important he was to his parents.

12. Iginio

Iginio is one of the most funny Spanish words to name a boy.

Nowadays this name may be considered a little bit old-fashioned, that’s why is not quite common to hear it in funny Spanish slang.

13. Ana Cleta

Ana may be considered one of the most beautiful Spanish names.

Although it is quite common all around the country, it is also very sophisticated.

However, Ana is sometimes combined with Cleta, which makes it very funny.

14. Nicanor

One of the best Spanish names for males is Nicanor.

This is a very uncommon name but it sounds cute in Spanish.

What makes the word Nicanor special is its meaning, which is ‘winner’.

I personally love it, because this powerful Spanish name denotes strength and positiveness.

15. Piedrasanta

Piedrasanta is a name that seems to be just used in Spain.

According to some data, it seems that currently it is held by 26 females, which makes this name very rare.

This peculiar name could be ideal to appear in some romantic Spanish phrases because it sounds so sweet!

16. Heredia

Heredia is usually a surname, that means ‘inherited’, but it can also be a female name. 

Although it is very common to hear Heredia as a surname, it is quite original to use it as a name. 

Heredia may also ring a bell because it is a Costa Rica city that is worldwide known as the city of the flowers. 

17. Simplicia

Simplicia is a female name whose meaning is ‘naive’.

There are several beautiful names that may be turned into funny Spanish insults when using them with malevolence.

This is precisely what happens when you associate Simplicia with the adjective ‘simple’, which in Spanish refers to a lack of intelligence. 

18. Quasimodo

Movies Set in Spain have popularized someone of the 30 most funny Spanish names.

This is what happened with The hunchback of Notre Dame and the name of its main character: Quasimodo.

Although this movie was useful to make people aware of the existence of this male name, parents avoid choosing it due to the association of it with this back malformation.

19. Lola

What is Spain known for is great artists like Lola Flores.

She was a very charismatic singer whose amazing voice is known all around the world.

Indeed, it is not only her talent what made locals fall in love but also her beautiful-sounding Spanish name. 

20. Dolores

Dolores is the long version of Lola and may be considered one of the funniest Spanish female names.

The reason why it seems hilarious to locals is that it means ‘pain’.

Although Dolores is beautiful and traditional, some may ask themselves what were their parents thinking about when choosing this word to name someone!

21. Valentín

Valentín is a very beautiful name that reminds you of the most romantic day of the year.

Although it can appear in some Spanish love quotes because Saint Valentine is the love saint

22. Cándida

Cándida is an inspiring female name of Latin origin, that can be used for males when ending it in -o. 

Its meaning is ‘sincere’ which makes it ideal to appear in some Spanish Quotes about Life.

The funny aspect of the word cándida is that it is also a bacteria that may affect your throat.

23. Dombina

Dombina is a very rare name that just 22 women in Spain have.

It should be noticed that it was popular several years ago, that’s why the average age of the woman who are named Dombina is 72 years old.

Not knowing why Dombina sounds like a happy name that could appear in some positive quotes in Spanish.

24. Práxedes

Práxedes is a name that can be used for both males and females.

However, it is more usual to name females with it.

In fact, in Spain there are around 1000 women named Práxedes and just 300 males.

25. Gertrudis

Gertrudis is a name that you will hear in some of the most beautiful places in Spain because it is particularly common in Sevilla, Cadiz, and Murcia.

It is usually combined with the Spanish names Ana and María,

26. Jerónima

Jerónima is a powerful name that may be found in motivational quotes in Spanish.

The male version of this name is Jerónimo, which won’t be found on Spanish quotes for mum.

Jerónimo is very popular on the Balearic Islands, however, the female version of it sounds quite funny there!

The meaning of this word is ‘person with a sacred name’, which makes this Spanish name a religious one too.

27. Cita

Spanish Quotes About Friendship or romantic Spanish love quotes may contain the word cita because it means ‘date’.

However, it is also a female Spanish name that is quite uncommon.

This name may be used to make similar silly and funny Spanish jokes to the 

28. Carriona

Carriona is a very rare name in Spain.

According to some statistics, there are just 10 women with this name in Spain, one in EEUU and another one in England!

That’s why if you are looking for a unique name for your baby, Carriona may be ideal!

However, she will probably have to spell it each time she uses it in Spanish travel quotes.

29. Frumencio

Frumencio is a male name that could appear in funny Spanish quotes because it sounds very old-fashioned!

According to the Spanish National Institute of Statistics, there are just 48 men with this name in our country and their average age is 72 years old!

Frumencio means ‘wheat’ so it seems that it has a peasant origin.

30. Primitivo

Primitivo is a male name that may also be included on your list of funny Spanish insults.

It is explained by the fact that Primitivo may be translated as ‘primitive’.

When posting pictures with your friend Primitivo, you may definitely play with the double meaning of this word when on your funny Instagram captions in Spanish!

31. Trinidad

One of the most popular religious and funny names in Spanish is Trinidad.

It is a female name that is mostly held by women in Andalucía, where Christianism is more rooted.

However, they usually make this name shorter so you will probably usually hear Trini.

Trini in Latin means three, referring to the divinities that inform God: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

32. Ramona

Ramón is the male version of the name Ramona.

If you visit Spain, you will probably meet a Ramón; however, it is slightly rarer to know a girl called Ramona.

In Spain, it is quite common to name your children after their grandparents that’s why sometimes if the baby’s gender doesn’t match the name he was supposed to receive, its ending is modified.

People called Ramona has been usually one of these babies, which makes the story of their names very funny!

33. Simona

What happens with Ramón and Ramona is also habitual when hearing the name Simona.

While Simón is quite common in Spain, the female version of this name is not so known.

Nevertheless, the James Blunt song Simona, has been very useful to raise its popularity all around the world!

34. Patricio

To provide you with the opposite example, we can use the name Patricio.

Although Patricia is very common, Patricio seems to be an attempt to name a male baby after his grandmother.

The funny aspect of this name is that nowadays, everybody associates it with the Sponge Bob Squarepants dumb character that receives this name.

35. Filemón

Filemón is a hilarious Spanish name that can’t be taken seriously.

Indeed, since the creation of the Spanish comic Mortadelo y Filemón in 1958 by Francisco Ibáñez, Spaniards avoid using it to name their children.

The main reason is that it was impossible not to associate the newborn with the clumsiness of the main characters of this comic. 

However, Filemón has a very poetic meaning which is ‘our lover’

It’s been hilarious to list these 30 most funny Spanish names that you will probably hear when visiting our country.

Although there are some names that sound very similar all around the world, it’s good to learn some regional ones to enrich your cultural knowledge of this beautiful spot on the planet.

I hope you have had some fun while discovering these original and hilarious Spanish names.

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