3 Things Everybody Needs When Moving With a Pickup Truck


A pickup truck works well enough for moving household goods from one house to another. A couple of friends with pickup trucks can move the whole house without having to rent a box truck or trailer. But moving with a pickup is not an excuse to be careless with your stuff. In fact, using a pickup truck is even more reason to be extra careful.

The key to protecting household goods during a DIY move is to pack carefully and use the right supplies. Of course, you are going to need boxes and filler material to protect fragile things like dishes and household electronics. But there are three things you need – things that are not negotiable – when you’re using a pickup truck to move. Here they are:

1. An Ample Supply of Tie-Downs

It is normal to assume that you don’t need to tie down household goods placed in the back of a pickup truck. But nothing could be further from the truth. Being that the bed of a pickup is not fully enclosed, there is always the possibility that something will come loose and fall from the truck. The way to prevent that is to secure everything with tie-downs.

My personal preference is the cam strap. My preferred brand is Rollercam. But tie-downs don’t necessarily have to be cam straps. They can be ratchet straps, shock straps, or even rope. I would also recommend staying away from bungee cords. They are not as effective as most people think.

Also remember that securing goods in the back of your truck is a matter of state law. Every driver, regardless of the vehicle being driven, is legally required to secure all cargo prior to driving on public roads.

2. An Ample Supply of Moving Blankets

Another temptation among DIY movers is to pack the pickup truck as tightly as possible without any room between items. Doing so isn’t a big deal when you’re talking boxes. But when it comes time to move the furniture, being a lot more careful pays off. To that end, having an ample supply of moving blankets is a big plus.

Moving blankets prevent contact between furniture items. Blankets absorb shock as well, so you are less likely to damage grandma’s hutch or that new home entertainment system you just bought while you’re tooling down the road at 45 mph.

Moving blankets don’t come cheaply. Instead of buying, consider renting from your local rental center. You can get a fairly decent supply of moving blankets for very little. Whatever you do, don’t just pull a few spare blankets out of the linen closet and use them. The blankets that keep you warm at night are not thick enough to act as moving blankets.

3. A Tarp for Each Truck

Finally, make sure you have at least one tarp for every pickup truck in your caravan. It is true that deploying a tarp on top of your household goods takes a few extra minutes. But that’s time worth spending if you do not want to take any risk of your stuff being damaged by rocks and other flying debris.

Tarps are a no-brainer on rainy days as well. And yes, here is the one time when bungee cords make sense. With a tarp and four bungee cords, you can protect your stuff from all sorts of things that could damage it.

Moving all your stock in a pickup truck can be an adventure. I know. I have done it. If you are planning to do it too, make sure you have the right equipment for a smooth, safe, and successful move.

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