People that are not mentally normal; people that are going through PTSD, bipolar disorders, anxiety, and stress-related problems usually have an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) with them and they take it with them wherever they go. They are allowed to carry them by the law in the USA. However, when traveling by air, one has to get an ESA letter certificate by the mental health professional who would recommend that he needs an emotional support animal and then sign it. This letter has to be approved by the airline for them to be able to fly with the pet that helps them handle these disorders or disabilities for that matter. An ESA letter sample would include the sign and recommendation of the mental health professional, along with the license number of the therapist, with the date and their contact information. It is important that people have these requirements fulfilled if they want to fly with their pets, otherwise, it would be hard to get the airline to help you in any way in this scenario. 

It is of significant importance that people get their pets’ proper travel insurance. It is a better decision to get the insurance done when the pets are young and small since when they will grow up, the insurance policies would be harder and expensive according to his needs as well. The pet owners can do it by following the tips that are mentioned and explained in this blog: 

  1. Decide what you want
  • You can claim for the vet fees that would be covered by insurance if the pet is ill or injured in the other country.
  • You can apply for the recovery in case your pet is lost or stolen.
  • You can also go for holiday cancellation where you can make your trip short in the case where there is a pet-related emergency. 
  1. How frequently would your pet travel?

Here you would have to specify the time for which your pet would be staying in the destination country.

  • You can decide on the number of days that your pet will be staying in the other country on the trip.
  • You can have the insurance cover for many trips throughout the year.
  1. Make sure that you know if you have already covered the insurance

You would not like it if you realize that you had already paid for the insurance previously and you paid again. That is why you have to make sure with your insurer and check the policy with him just to be on the safe side. 

However, it all depends on some important things such as the age of your pet, it will be harder to get the pet insured when he is older, a bit too expensive too. The second thing would be to get him checked by a vet beforehand. This will make sure that your pet is healthy and fine and there is no medical problem with him or her and they are good for getting insured. The third point is the type of pet you have, many insurance policies only cover the pets that are either cats or dogs, since these are the most common ones, and in case you have an exotic animal, it might be hard for you to get it insured. And lastly, one thing that is very important is that you have to see how many pets you have and you should always try to have them all covered under the same insurance policy, this will also get you a better package with a discount for that matter too.