Tips for Increasing Hotel Occupancy Rates Through Hotel Amenities and Toiletries

Tips for Increasing Hotel Occupancy Rates Through Hotel Amenities and Toiletries

The hotel and travel industry has seen a boost in recent years due to the number of people traveling and exploring places for personal and professional reasons. The budget of travelers varies accordingly but they all expect their stay to be comfortable wherever they stay. Hotels and resorts expect to gain maximum occupancy rates, but on many occasions this goal is not fulfilled. Most of the times the competition from other hotels is the biggest hindrance. So the hotel management needs to provide their customers with quality amenities in comparison to the competitors so that guests keep pouring into their hotel.

Any hotel who wants to be successful should follow the current trends so that the occupancy rates go up, here the importance of hotel amenities and toiletries cannot be avoided.

The first thing that is paid attention to is the hotel premises, followed by toiletries and amenities that are complimentary like hangers, ice buckets, bathroom toiletries, etc. The basic facilities are provided in order to make the hotel guests feel comfortable and to get a home like feeling. However the hotels’ basic amenities vary according to the hotel type and category. Some things are very common like- soaps, towels, drinking glasses, shampoos, etc. High-class hotels and resorts provide something a little extra like ice buckets, mini bars, durable hangers, and iron accompanied with ironing board, shaving kit and many more.

Competition among the hotels is very fierce, everyone wants to have the maximum profit share. The quality and type of amenities which they offer to their guests is on many occasions the deciding factor upon which the hotels gain the guests’ preference.

On the basis of the hotel category the basic amenities are defined. For instance for a budget hotel and luxurious resort the number of quality amenities are different as the guests’ expectations also varies. The competition between the hotels is always in full swing in order to have maximum occupancy rates. When the choice of hotels is more for people, providing only basic amenities is not sufficient, they have to give something a little extra in the guests’ budget plan itself.

Luxurious hotels and resorts offer a higher category of services to their guests and have a wide list of amenities that they offer them. Even customized products are provided which cannot be found in a budget hotel. Such amenities can be ordered online or from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of hotel amenities and toiletries.

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