Things to do in Shanghai

Beulah R. Hayes
Things to do in Shanghai

Shanghai is the centre of life and a bustling city having over 24 million population. After 100 years that followed, war, and subsequently developed, the city has been on the top. If you are traveling from Hong Kong to shanghai, book your tickets by Cathay Pacific. There are a lot of interesting things you may do in Shanghai. Let’s have an idea of the places to visit here.

1. The Bund:  Visit the bund, known as the waterfront of Shanghai in the boulevard. You will see the city life in Shanghai here. In fact, the places near Pudong skyscrapers will reflect the pre and past city life from 1949. The place bustles with the locals who enjoy dancing, practicing tai chi, and exercising.  You will see the local tourists here with foreigners, and tourists who are busy trading, interacting, and clicking selfies. The night is enjoyable here as you see the flashing neon light along the Huangpu River. 

2. Longhua Temple: The Longhua temple is famous for J.G. Ballard’s’ Empire of the Sun’, and Spielberg’s film which was taken shape of. This temple is known as the largest and most active temple of Shanghai, having five high walls and two towers, and that gets stuck on the New Year’s Eve. The neighbourhood of the temple was surrounded by a garden, but now that got replaced by the Longhua Marty’s cemetery.  This place was known as the execution site of many communists when the Goumingdang crackdown occurred during 1927. 

3. Tianzifang: Tianfizang is known for the labyrinth of the alleyways, which actually runs across the district. The narrow alleyways are packed with cafes, restaurants, galleries, and shops. You will find every requisite here that includes the Obama T-shirts, shoes, leather journals, and other vintage photographs of Shanghai. Enjoy walking along the meandering alleyways and shop to your heart’s content here.

4. Old City: The old city used to be the core of life in Shanghai, which was surrounded by a fortified wall, which was meant to keep the Japanese pirates away. The old city wall remains which is almost 50 years old, but the Olden gate called Shikumenstone was disappearing rapidly. This area is filled with narrow and winding lanes where you’ll find laundry flaps, local drives, bamboo poles, local scooter drivers, and some chamber pots which are still used today. The old Shanghai here is unique and you’ll love the ambiance. 

5. Soong Ling Ling’s former residence: If you are interested in the political history of the land, visit Soong King Ling, who married the Nationalist leader Sun Yat-Sen, the founder of the Republic of China. The residence was built in 1920, by a German ship owner. The bedroom is said to be decorated with part of her dowry. The fascinating part was that the library of the house had 4,000 books. You will enjoy the photo library that is part of her house, which speaks of her cute life starting from marriage. 

6. Yu Garden:  The valuable area around Yu Garden is being commercial now, and the garden is one of the few old sights that are still present in China. The garden was commissioned in 1559, by the Ming Dynasty; the time is taken to build the garden was almost two decades, and the architect who made this was Zhang Nanyang. There was an uprising against the French colonist in 1800, who then destroyed parts of the garden. You will enjoy your walk across the carp filled ponds, bamboo groves, and the rock gardens. 

7. Huangpu riverboat tour: The river successfully divides shanghai into two. The older side is called the Puxi is called the city centre. The newer side from the Pudong river, that starts at the triple skyscraper of Shanghai, called the Shanghai tower, World Financial center, and Jinmao Tower. You will enjoy the Huangpu river tour and enjoy the neon-lit night that enlightens both the sides. The 40-minute cruise is an enjoyable one that departs from the base of the Oriental base tower, Pudong. Enjoy the fresh breeze outside the window of the boat or maybe the ambiance inside, it will be an enthralling experience. 

10.  People’s Square:  The people’s square is an important place where the Shanghai denizens hang all day out. The residents practice tai chi, kite flying while the grandparents sit, drink tea, and gossip around. If you come in the evening, you’ll see the ballroom dancers hold group lessons. A metro station is a busy place and almost 7,00,000 people commute each day. You’ll enjoy the hustling, bustling city and everyday life. 

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