It’s the question on everyone’s lips, you work to save money to go on holiday and when you get some time off work you want to go on the best holiday you can for the money you have. Though holidays always seem to be very expensive there are plenty of tricks that can ensure you can have a great holiday abroad for a good price.

One recommendation for a cheap holiday is going to Croatia. Some might not know that much about Croatia as a holiday destination but it’s a brilliant place to visit.

The best way to get to Croatia is the budget airlines, with Jet2, Ryanair and Easy Jet flying to more than one destination in Croatia. I’d recommend that you don’t restrict yourself to flying to one specific city but find the cheapest flight you can and travel around in Croatia. When visiting there we wanted to go to Dubrovnik but the cheapest flights were to Split, so we flew to Split then took the ferry down to Dubrovnik. With the ferry, it’s a beautiful journey down the Dalmatian Coast great for seeing the sites of Croatia.

Once you are in Croatia it’s better to stay in the guest houses, they are cheaper, friendly and you get to learn more about the local culture. The thing I noticed most about Croatia is the friendliness of the people. I can honestly say that I’ve never been to a county with people as friendly and helpful as they are in Croatia. The owners of the guest houses will go out of their way to help you out. Trips to the shops, site seeing tours and lifts to your boat/bus/flight are usually provided free of charge. Also the Croats speak very good English so if you can’t speak any Croatia you can still get by.

If you are going to stay in Dubrovnik, I can strongly recommend staying at Vila Klaic. Accommodation in Dubrovnik is expensive compared the rest of the country and it’s difficult to find a bargain near the city centre. Vila Klaic is only 10 minutes walk from the centre, is much cheaper than the alternatives and has the most welcoming owner you are ever likely to meet. The owner Milo will go out of his way to help you out with anything you need and provides a great breakfast in the morning.

Finally and probably most importantly Croatia do not have the Euro, therefore their prices are significantly cheaper then counties with the Euro. Going out for a meal in Croatia is about half the price of going out in Spain.

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