Fascinating things to do in Beijing

Beulah R. Hayes

Beijing is China’s capital for the last 800 years and has been the seat of the country’s imperial past. In contrast, you can feel the country’s glorious history, experience the era of technology, and a cultural hub. If you plan a trip, get the best flight option; Book the flight now and be ready for an enjoyable trip.

  • Climb the great wall:  The Great wall of china extends to almost 4,000 miles, have section surrounding Beijing, having both restored and structured areas. Enjoy a leisurely walk up to Mutianyu and then take the challenge of hiking Jinshan’s walls. Visit Simatai to appreciate the enormous views of the historic structure. If you visit the Great Wall at night, you will feel the starry night’s stunning scenery with the magnificent land stretching downwards.
  • Exploring the Forbidden City: Visit the Forbidden City if you want to see the best-preserved imperial palace in China, having one of the world’s ancient palatial structures. Opt for a guided tour who will take you through the hidden treasures of the palace’s palace, history and culture, and the stories behind the emperor’s lives. This is the most suitable place for discerning travellers, and you can indulge yourself in some worship.
  • Discovering the temple of heaven:  Visit the temple of heaven, a royal alter where the Qing and Ming dynasty’s descendants used to come for worshiping heaven. This temple is often said to be the Imperial Temple of the holy Beijing.  If you ever come to the park, you will enjoy the locals engage in activities like playing Chess, Tai Chai, singing, and dancing. Built in 1420, this is the most popular and rated places of worship for the people. Enjoy the Grand mystical architecture here.
  • Tian’ anmen square: Like Times Square in New York and the Red square in Moscow, Tian’ anmen square is a ‘must visit’ for a first time in Beijing. You must have seen this place during any broadcast or news; famous political talks often occur here. Your guide will give enumerate the details of the history and architecture of the site.
  • Rickshaw ride through Hutongs:  Hutongs are the specialty of Beijing, narrow alleyways connecting the single courtyards with the old houses in the city. They are meandering roads, and the rickshaws are the best option to traverse. You may even check the Hutong walking routes and discover the Hutong Lanes. This is an exciting ride.
  • Cooking class:  Mingling with the locals is a very significant part of your tour. Apart from visiting the architectural structures, you can see a local family living in a Hutong and ask them to demonstrate cooking for you to learn some skills. Learn the procedure to some excellent Beijing dishes like the duck and some main course. This will be an experience, simply unforgettable.
  • Beijing roast duck:  If you have come to Beijing, one of the ‘must-do’ in your wish list should be relishing a roast duck. This is considered a signature dish in Beijing for the thin unique, crispy skin authentic style preparation of duck. Marinated with Chinese spices, and often coated with honey, trying a luscious meat of Beijing Duck is mandatory before leaving the country.
  • Strolling around the summer palace:  Summer palace is one of the best-preserved imperial gardens in China.  They represent the traditional Chinese garden too, and you’ll appreciate the charming artificial garden created years ago. You can take a dragon boat at Kunming Lake and enjoy sightseeing at the Summer Palace.
  • Beijing Opera: Step into a Beijing Opera situated at Li Yuan theatre, often known as Beijing culture’s treasure. You will love the performance, especially the people with makeup, face mask, gorgeous costume, and unique vocal style. The choreography is outstanding and explains the reason why Chinese opera is known as a high-class entertainment.
  • Antique market:  The antique markets of Beijing are of great importance. You can hover through the roads to check the availability of folk artworks, antiques, and olden day articles. You will enjoy being in the market and visualize the culture, which was never so vibrant before.

There are many other things like watching pandas in a zoo, tasting local Beijing snacks, and visiting the Ming tombs. Plan your tour quite ahead of time, and try getting the best possible discounts on flight rates.

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