Botswana Safaris

When a friend of mine, Nicole, let me know that she and another friend of hers would be visiting me in a month’s time, I was quite excited. It’s been two years since I last saw Nicole, so I thought it best that I should treat them.

Enter Botswana…

She told me that her friend, Claudia, has never been to Africa, so instead of just going on any safari, I thought it best to treat them to the ultimate trip, which was going on one of Botswana’s renowned safaris.

When I booked our seven day trip to the Moremi Game Reserve, I was informed that we were in luck, since February was the best time period for a safari in the Okavango Delta.

There’s a first time for everything…

When Nicole, Claudia and I arrived at the Moremi Game Reserve, Claudia’s facial expressions were extremely amusing. I would describe her as a friendly down-to-earth kind of woman, but a naughty innocence that shows, and it was definitely showing when we got to the reserve. It felt to me like watching a child going to a theme park for the first time, overjoyed by the rides they were about to experience.

After settling in, Nicole and I did a bit of catching up over ice cold drinks. We used to be flatmates while we were studying, but soon after we graduated she moved to Holland. Now we only see each other every few years, but still keep as much contact as possible.

The next morning we were on our first game drive. Amongst an extensive number of African animals, plants and birds, Moremi is also home to a seriously large herd of buffalos, and as our guide was driving closer to them, the more stressed Claudia was starting to feel, and the more we had to assure her not to worry.

When the guide eventually stopped the 4×4, we were approximately twenty meters away from the buffalos. Now this might not sound like much, but it even felt too close to comfort for me. But as soon as Claudia’s panicking subsided she was what I would call “happy snappy” with her camera.

I eventually lost count with the amount of photos she took of all the animals we saw during our game-drive, and this was only our first one. I don’t blame her either, although this was not my first time in the Okavango Delta, I still think that it’s one of Africa’s gems, especially where safaris are concerned.

Six days later and we still couldn’t get enough of the wildlife and overall relaxed atmosphere of Botswana. A paradise on its own, Botswana, and specifically the Okavango Delta, is definitely a place I would suggest to anybody. Not just to go on a safari, but if it’s a holiday you need, Botswana would be your Eden.

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